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Birthday Weekend: Running and Eating

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I had a fabulous birthday weekend, and it started on Friday! Well, actually, Thursday, when THIS BABY was delivered to my house:

DSC_5533My new computer! It arrived even earlier than expected, so I was able to take it to the Apple store on Thursday night so they could do a data transfer from my old machine. Whoo!

So, on Friday morning, I had plans with Allen to do some birthday-like things. We went to the art museum to see the French Impressionism exhibit. I must say, I was disappointed with the exhibit! Most of the exhibit was actually photographs, and although they had a lot of not-so-well known Monet paintings, most of the exhibit was works by artists I didn’t know. And I only recognized a few of the paintings! I guess you have to travel to see the good stuff. Luckily we went on Friday, so it was free, but any other day, it’s $12!!! That seemed way overpriced for what was there.

After the exhibit, we went to lunch at a place called The Egg and I. It’s a breakfast-y place and I wanted to try it. I got the huevos rancheros:

DSC_5552It was good, but I didn’t love the salsa (it was just a jarred salsa) so if I ordered it again I’d probably get the salsa on the side. The potatoes were good though!

DSC_5551After lunch, we went to the Apple store and picked up my computer!!! I spent the afternoon setting it up and we watched some Boy Meets World on ABC Family. It was a great afternoon.

The celebrations did not continue until Saturday morning on my actual birthday! I slept in, and when I woke up I was feeling pretty crummy. I had a stuffy nose and sore throat. It was not very festive. My mom and I had signed up to run a 5K, but I nixed it the night before because I stayed up late instead. The weather outside was chilly and gloomy, so I’m glad we didn’t run.

Breakfast was donuts from my favorite local donut shop:

DSC_5561The carmel donut is the best donut.

DSC_5566Eggs on the side, which I microwaved to heat up and then they exploded on me! Oops.

DSC_5563And coffee to drink:

DSC_5571These strawberries looked really pretty, but actually they were awful. I should have known…they aren’t in season. I ended up pitching them.

After breakfast, I wasn’t really feeling like going for a run, and the weather wasn’t cooperating either, so I decided to go see a movie instead! Allen and I saw the Lego Movie, which was really cute! I enjoyed it a lot. After that, we came home and vegged out and I ate some popcorn. Then we headed out to an early dinner at a new-to-me restaurant: Mission Taco Joint.

This place was GOOD guys! I really really enjoyed it. We started with chips and salsa and guac! Whoo!

DSC_5580The guac was topped with goat cheese that gave it a nice tangy bite.

DSC_5578And they make their own salsa. The one of the right has a smoky adobo salsa that I LOVED.

DSC_5576For tacos, everyone orders and they all come out on this little platter thing.

DSC_5594I ordered 3 tacos, but two different kinds. The first one was a tofu taco that was pretty good.

DSC_5602But what I REALLY liked was the cactus taco! It had cheese!

DSC_5599The cactus was really smokey. I loved this one. I ordered two of the tofu tacos but I wish I’d ordered two of the cactus instead.

DSC_5603After tacos, we went home and watched some basketball. Allen and I went over to my Grandma’s for a little bit to play a game of Phase 10 because I was feeling it, and then we came back home and ate birthday cake!

DSC_5607Chocolate-strawberry from La Bonne Bouche because it’s the best.


DSC_5612The last of the birthday celebrations were on Sunday, starting with a race! Even though we chickened out of Saturday’s birthday race, my mom found a magical perfect race that was at my favorite park 5 minutes from our house that started at 10 a.m. and was sponsored by the Missouri Academy of Dietetics! Wow!

So I got to sleep in and have a leisurely pre-race smoothie:

DSC_5618We got to the race at 9:15 because we registered day-of. I did a bit of a warm-up and a bathroom stop and was good to go!

DSC_5626The race a 6K because that’s how far the path around the lake runs. I’m getting really used to running 6Ks because I’m always up for a race that’s so close and on my “home turf.”

The race started out pretty well for me until I realized my shoe was untied. I stopped to tie it and saw that my watch didn’t start! Darn it! I started it then and just guesstimated my whereabouts based on the mile markers, which turned out to be pretty accurate.

Allen drove from the start to the mid-way point on the other side of the lake. I saw him running over to the trail right as I was passing! Perfect timing! He snapped a picture of me with some great form:

DSC_5641And into the woods I went.

DSC_5643I was tired throughout most of the race. I can’t know for sure but I think I started out too fast. I took a few walking breaks, but not for too long. I think they helped.

I was able to finish strong!


DSC_5666I love this picture! I look so strong!

I finished in just over 33 minutes, which was great because my goal was to finish in under 34.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.09.51 PM

My mom came in a few seconds faster than the LAST time we ran a 6K at the park! Whoo! Go Mom!

DSC_5682She probably won’t like this picture very much. Sorry mom! You finished strong.

DSC_5690Also, here’s a picture of me with the St. Louis County Parks 250 years birthday cake! Happy birthday to everyone!

DSC_5697The best part about this race being run by dietitians were the snacks, obviously.

DSC_5701After the race, mom and I cleaned ourselves up and we all hauled over for brunch with the fam (as in my parents, Ryan, Allen, MeeMaw and Dot and Grandma. The whole gang.)

I love brunch so much. I did not celebrate my 21st birthday with a drink (sorry to disappoint) but I DID order a delicious iced herbal tea that came with special simple syrup as sweetener. I forgot to take a picture of it!

I had 3 plates at brunch today. The first was breakfast:

DSC_5702I had potatoes, eggs and fruit.

DSC_5707And of course plenty of smoked salmon and bagel.

My second plate was a bit of salad and some oysters!

DSC_5711And finally: bread pudding. YUM!

DSC_5716I was so stuffed by the time I got to this that I only took a couple bites.

All in all I had a WONDERFUL birthday weekend at home. Now, back to the grind of school and getting work done. *sigh* only 6-ish weeks until summer!

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